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Building a better block explorer.

The Challenge

Once Upon faced a dilemma that many in the realm of blockchain exploration encounter. As a block explorer, they aimed to emulate and exceed the expansive reach of platforms like Etherscan, necessitating the integration of multiple blockchain networks and the ability to process the data in near real-time. However, the traditional route of vertical scaling was a roadblock, inadequate for the vast and diverse data involved. Building an in-house infrastructure to manage this complexity was an expensive and resource-intensive endeavor that they had already invested months into.

The Solution

Enter Indexing Co.’s all-in-one data platform—a game-changer in this scenario. We offered Once Upon a comprehensive platform that eliminated the need to continue investing in building intricate data infrastructure. Our platform’s strength lay in its ability to be configured to Once Upon's specific needs, handling all aspects of data management, from RPC access to backend processing, with finesse.

The Outcome

The adoption of Indexing Co.’s platform by Once Upon marked several technical milestones. The most notable was the enhanced processing of the Ethereum blockchain, made possible by Indexing Co.’s horizontal architecture. But beyond these improvements, the platform instilled a new level of operational freedom, reducing dependence on web3 data-specific engineers and saving their business substantial costs.

Key Highlights

  • Expedited data backfilling: 6 blockchains in ~4 days; expanded to 10 in ~7 weeks.
  • Real-time and ad hoc code execution for continuous blockchain synchronization and data jobs.
  • Dynamic dataset integration: Includes emerging data (e.g., ENS profiles).
  • Flexible transformer logic: Client-controlled updates for responsive data management.
  • Rapid blockchain onboarding: Configuration-led integration within hours.

"Indexing Co's infrastructure was a game-changer for us. It allowed us to get the data we needed quickly and easily, so we could focus on building our product and growing our business."

Ready to switch? Let’s build.

Building in-house

Months to build. Forever to maintain. Hundreds of thousands in sunk costs.

Job Orchestration
Que Architecture
3rd party APIs
RPC Node Providers
Off-Chain Data

Don’t forget: DevOps, Blockchain & Data Engineers, Ongoing Maintenance, Chain Upgrades, Chain Reorgs, Error Reporting.

Simplify, save and ship with an all-in-one enterprise-grade data platform.

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