Composable indexing infrastructure for all.

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Indexing Co provides simple and tailored data access that enables faster build times and cost savings for infrastructure and engineering.

Web3 shouldn't be more difficult to query than Web 2.0, IndexingCo is our bridge to data stuck in the metaverse.


Simple, tailored data access

Cost savings for infrastructure and engineering

faster build times


Your business is unique and so are your data needs. Our transformers are fully customizable to provide the exact, best data to fit your needs.


Configure and forget. Sleep soundly knowing our hosted infrastructure will always be up and running thanks to close monitoring and fault-tolerant designs.

Auto Updates

Our team of experts are continuously updating our underlying infrastructure to keep up with the ever changing technical landscape of web3. Breaking changes are a thing of the past.


Dashboards provide real-time views into what data is being processed nor how quickly. No more guessing when a backfill will be completed or what your infrastructure bill might be at the end of the month.


Go from idea to live data feed in just a few clicks. Our Configurator provides straightforward, easy to use tooling for everyone on your team.


On top of the security benefits of web3, we also ensure all data is backed up and encrypted in real time. No more data leaks or worrying about data corruption.


Blockchains are real-time and so should your data feed. No more needing to re-run SQL queries or tell your users to refresh. Our transformations run in less than 1 second providing you with the data as it happens

Graph QL

A GraphQL endpoint for your frontend? Check. A CSV export for your accounting? Check. Access the world of Data 3.0 in whatever format is most convenient to you.

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