Configurable Data Processing

We sell infrastructure, not data. This means everything from data sources, to transformations, to database writes is configurable to meet your exact needs. We’ve built templates to get you going or bring your own custom code and business logic to really make it yours. And every step of the process is composable to enable event-driven pipelines of any shape and size.

Every RPC

Stop searching for a new RPC or data provider for each chain; we’ve got them all. We cache every chain we support and in real time into our distributed storage. From there, the processing layer is able to universally access any data from any chain without rate limits or centralized bottlenecks.

Distributed Job Processing

Unlike The Graph, our distributed network of nodes are stateless. This means every node can process any job without the limitations of a centralized database. Then, leveraging our distributed queuing, the network is able to process jobs in parallel which unlocks massive speed and reliability improvements for everyone. Our system is limited only by the throughput speed of the database it's writing to.

Direct Database Writes

It’s your data, your way, and where you want it. And with this, we’ve developed a distributed “writer” service capable of safely sending data to any destination. To date, we’ve worked with PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Neo4j, MySQL, Firestore, … you name it! We handle everything from upserts to connection pooling to schema changes from day one.


Our webhooks service can reach anything on the internet: APIs, IPFS, web pages, etc. We’re even rolling this out for making onchain interactions. And our “at least once” delivery ensures nothing gets missed even if the destination is down. We also maintain a receipt of delivery that can be used to trigger events.

Automated Retries

Our system ensures “at least once” delivery of all data. Even if a database goes down, the system intelligently maintains a queue of processed data waiting to be delivered. This is also true for any other internal or external issues. Solana found the off switch again? Everything will be back up when they are.

Managed APIs

In tandem with our managed database offering, we provide dedicated API servers configurable to any need: GraphQL, REST, you name it. And because we sell infrastructure, you still don’t pay per API request. We’ll spin up or down the number of nodes being run to match your workloads at any time.

Managed Databases

No database? No problem. We’ve partnered with TimescaleDB to provide performant, managed PostgreSQL databases for all of web3. Their time series extensions like hypertables and hyperfunctions enable performant, real time aggregations; all while saving on storage costs with automated data archiving. Better yet, the database is still yours - connect directly to it or migrate away any time.