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Empowering Web3 Artists with Indexing Co.

The Challenge

Wovn envisioned a platform that would revolutionize the web3 art world, connecting artists with their audiences through real-time insights and trend reports. But the web3 data landscape, notorious for its siloed and messy nature, posed a significant hurdle. Wovn was faced with the daunting task of sourcing accurate, curated data from a myriad of platforms and chains. Their initial exploration into other indexing solutions revealed that they'd be merely renting raw web3 data, still necessitating in-house tooling for full data transformation.

The Solution

Enter Indexing Co. We offered Wovn a comprehensive solution that bypassed the need for partial data transformations and the hiring of additional engineering personnel. Our infra solution was tailored to Wovn's needs, delivering a fully-configured web3 indexing backend in days instead of months. This approach was not only 100x faster but also 10x more cost-effective. Indexing Co’s data infrastructure seamlessly integrated data from Wovn's existing internal databases and dynamically parsed it with the new data feeds.

The Outcome

The results spoke for themselves. In mere weeks, Wovn transitioned from concept to a fully operational platform. They onboarded over 400 artists in record time, with an infrastructure that promises scalability and reliability. As Wovn's platform grew, our infrastructure scaled in tandem, ensuring they remained at the forefront of the web3 art revolution.

Key Highlights

  • 82 distinct transformations
  • 5 chains; Arbitrum to Tezos (Base, Ethereum, Polygon in between)
  • 2 unified data streams
  • 0 in-house hours needed for infra builds

"Indexing Co's infrastructure was a game-changer for us. It allowed us to get the data we needed quickly and easily, so we could focus on building our product and growing our business."

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Building in-house

Months to build. Forever to maintain. Hundreds of thousands in sunk costs.

Job Orchestration
Que Architecture
3rd party APIs
RPC Node Providers
Off-Chain Data

Don’t forget: DevOps, Blockchain & Data Engineers, Ongoing Maintenance, Chain Upgrades, Chain Reorgs, Error Reporting.

Simplify, save and ship with an all-in-one enterprise-grade data platform.

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